sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011

Todo se junta ahora/ All together now

Las pequeñas piezas comienzan a juntarse en la caja del mecanismo.
Small pieces start coming together in the mechanism box.

Hasta ahora son 4 poleas, 2 correas, 5 ejes, unos 15 bujes de bronce, 1 leva. Ya tengo bastante movimiento para lograr varios efectos.
There are 4 pulleys, 2 belts, 5 axles, almost15 brass bushings, 1 cam, 1 bevel gear so far. I have enough movement to achieve various effects.

2 comentarios:

Mechanical minestrone dijo...

Wonderful mechanical parts: I realise that I have many missing skills. Now it will be exciting to see what you will move with it.

Andrés dijo...

There is no need to make all the pieces, I make them because I have no place to get them easily, but many, such as the collars, can be purchased already made.